B2B Car Parts Web Shop

B2B Car Parts Web Shop

The B2B Car Parts Web Shop is a comprehensive platform designed to cater to business partners and resellers seeking a streamlined and efficient process for browsing and ordering car parts. The application serves as a centralized hub where partners can access a vast catalog of car parts, both available and unavailable, and seamlessly place orders.

Additionally, the app incorporates a robust admin panel to manage items, track orders, and ensure smooth order processing. The system introduces a time-sensitive order management feature, notifying employees of different states, ensuring timely processing, and flagging potential delays. To provide an extensive amount of data, the application is connected to the TechDoc database and optimized for handling millions of data rows with results returned in milliseconds.

The application’s backend is developed using .NET CORE, a powerful framework known for its scalability and performance capabilities. It facilitates efficient handling of data and business logic.

Entity Framework is utilized for data access and management, simplifying database interactions and providing an abstraction layer to work with the underlying database.

The frontend of the app is built using Angular, offering an interactive and dynamic user interface. Angular’s versatility ensures smooth and responsive user interactions.

The SQL Server database, along with stored procedures, optimizes data storage and retrieval processes, ensuring fast and efficient access to car parts information.

The B2B Car Parts Web Shop presents an innovative solution for car parts ordering, catering to business partners and resellers with an intuitive user interface, efficient order management, and seamless integration with the TechDoc database. The utilization of cutting-edge technologies guarantees a smooth and productive experience for all users involved.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Catalog

    The platform provides a comprehensive catalog of car parts, including both available and unavailable items. Business partners and resellers can efficiently browse through the offerings.

  • Order Placement

    Partners have the ability to place orders directly through the application, streamlining the ordering process and facilitating smooth transactions.

  • Efficient Admin Panel

    The application's admin panel enables efficient item management, allowing authorized personnel to add, remove, change information, and update availability of car parts. Employees can also track incoming orders and process them accordingly.

  • Time-Sensitive Order States

    Each order progresses through various states, such as Unassigned, Assigned to an employee, Unprocessed, Processed, and Shipped. A timer is associated with each state, flagging overdue orders in red and automatically notifying managers via email, ensuring timely order processing.

  • Integration with TechDoc Database

    The application is integrated with the TechDoc database, specifically designed to host the information about all the car parts available in the world. The database effortlessly handles queries involving millions of data rows, ensuring swift retrieval of results in milliseconds.

  • .NET CORE for Backend
  • Entity Framework
  • Angular for Frontend
  • SQL Server Database with Stored Procedures