MIR (Mileage Insurance Reporting)

MIR (Mileage Insurance Reporting)

MIR (Mileage Insurance Reporting) is a robust and data-driven application specifically designed to streamline the process of collecting and processing vehicle data for cab companies. It serves as an essential tool for cab companies to prepare monthly reports required by insurance companies. MIR seamlessly integrates with ICabbi, a leading dispatch app for cab companies, utilizing webhooks to receive real-time data about each vehicle’s location. The application then processes this data and generates comprehensive reports, ensuring accurate and efficient insurance reporting.

The development of MIR relies on cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. The backend of MIR is built on the foundation of Java Spring Boot and Hibernate. This powerful combination provides a robust and scalable backend architecture capable of handling large datasets and complex computations.

To achieve a remarkable 99% data accuracy, MIR incorporates custom mathematical algorithms designed specifically for data correction and distance calculation.

The application leverages Postgres and PostGIS for data storage. This combination enables efficient handling of geospatial data, essential for processing GPS coordinates.

The user-friendly and interactive admin panel is developed using Angular 9. This frontend technology ensures a seamless and dynamic user experience when accessing and managing the collected data.

MIR emerges as a critical tool for cab companies, easing the burden of insurance reporting through its real-time data processing, accurate calculations, and efficient report generation. With its intelligent algorithms and scalable architecture, MIR sets the standard for mileage insurance reporting in the transportation industry.

Key Features

  • Real-time Data Collection

    Integrated with ICabbi through webhooks, MIR receives real-time GPS coordinates and other relevant data about each cab vehicle. This ensures the most up-to-date information is used for generating reports.

  • Zone and Phase Division

    The collected data is categorized into predefined zones, territories designated by insurance companies, and phases that represent various states of vehicle operation, including idle, on the way to a passenger, and active ride.

  • Data Accuracy Algorithms

    To maintain data accuracy and integrity, MIR employs powerful mathematical algorithms for data correction and distance calculation. These algorithms help achieve an impressive 99% data accuracy, even when faced with potential errors or data loss due to factors like GPS signal interruptions.

  • Efficient Data Storage and Partitioning

    Given the data-heavy nature of the application, MIR uses Postgres and PostGIS for data storage. To optimize performance and manage large datasets, the data is partitioned based on time intervals (e.g., monthly partitions), and year-old partitions are automatically archived using database jobs.

  • User-friendly Admin Website

    The application includes a user-friendly and intuitive admin website. This website allows users to access the collected data, set various configurations, and generate monthly (or any time interval) reports required for submission to insurance companies.

  • Customizable Settings

    The admin panel provides users with the flexibility to set various settings, such as the metrics used for measurement, time intervals for working shifts of drivers, and more, tailoring the application to specific company requirements.

  • Java Spring Boot
  • Hibernate
  • Custom Mathematical Algorithms
  • Postgres
  • PostGIS
  • Angular 9