BBPOS is an innovative extension of the PBS (Pay By SMS) project, designed to provide passengers with an additional payment option during cab rides. Building upon the success of PBS, BBPOS introduces the capability to make secure and convenient payments using physical credit cards directly inside the cab. This extension aims to enhance the overall payment experience, catering to users who prefer traditional payment methods and offering a seamless integration of hardware and software solutions.

The Android app for BBPOS is built using Java, providing a robust and versatile foundation for the application. The Android platform allows for smooth interactions and a user-friendly interface for drivers to process payments.

With an ongoing development process, BBPOS is expanding its compatibility to iOS devices. This allows a broader audience to avail the benefits of in-cab credit card payments.

BBPOS utilizes Google’s notification services to enable timely and relevant notifications for drivers, prompting them to initiate payment collection through the app.

The integration of Stripe Terminal hardware ensures secure and efficient credit card payments inside the cab. This hardware enables various payment methods, including contactless payment, swipe, or card insertion.

With BBPOS as an extension of the PBS project, the transportation industry is moving towards a more comprehensive and user-centric payment solution. The combination of secure hardware, seamless server communication, and user-friendly applications positions BBPOS as a significant advancement in in-cab payment technology.

Key Features

  • Stripe Terminal for Contactless Payment

    The implementation of Stripe Terminal hardware allows for secure and contactless credit card payments. Passengers can simply tap their cards on the terminal to initiate payment, reducing transaction time and ensuring data security.

  • Android and iOS Compatibility

    BBPOS supports both Android and iOS platforms, enabling cab drivers to use Android tablets for payment processing. With the ongoing development of an iOS version, BBPOS extends its reach to a broader audience of iOS device users.

  • Seamless Integration with PBS Server

    The Android app developed for BBPOS seamlessly communicates with the PBS server to retrieve all necessary ride details required for processing payments. This integration ensures accurate fare calculations and a smooth payment experience for passengers.

  • Convenient Payment Prompt for Drivers

    In cases where a ride has not been paid using PBS (e.g., cash payment), the driver receives a notification informing them of the option to collect payment using BBPOS. The prompt to open the BBPOS app streamlines the payment process, making it hassle-free for drivers and passengers alike.

  • Customer Signature for Verification

    To enhance security and provide an additional layer of verification, BBPOS allows passengers to provide their signature within the app. This signature serves as a confirmation of the payment transaction, ensuring a secure and legitimate payment process.

  • Android (Java)
  • iOS (Under Development)
  • Google Notifications
  • Stripe Hardware