PBS (Pay By SMS)

PBS (Pay By SMS)

PBS is a groundbreaking web application that revolutionizes the way cab fares are paid, offering a seamless and secure payment experience for passengers. Whether you’re on the go and hail a cab from the street or book a ride online, PBS simplifies the payment process by allowing users to access their personalized payment page effortlessly. By entering the vehicle reference number or following the SMS link, users can view all the necessary ride details, including fare breakdowns, driver information, vehicle specifications, and the designated destination.

At the heart of PBS is the commitment to providing passengers with a convenient, contactless, and secure payment experience. The application supports a wide array of payment options, including major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Wallet, catering to users’ preferences and ensuring a frictionless transaction process. Passengers also have the flexibility to leave gratuities for their drivers and share their valuable feedback, fostering a positive and rewarding ride experience.

The development of PBS is backed by powerful and cutting-edge technologies. The backend of the web application is built using Java Spring Boot and Hibernate, providing a robust and scalable foundation. This ensures smooth data processing, secure storage, and seamless interactions between various components of the system.

On the frontend, Angular 9 is employed, delivering a dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly interface that guarantees a satisfying user experience. The incorporation of Angular 9 allows for real-time updates, quick data retrieval, and interactive elements that enhance the overall usability of PBS.

To ensure efficient data management, PBS relies on the power of a MySQL database, which provides a structured and organized approach to storing ride and user information. Additionally, the application seamlessly integrates with Stripe to facilitate secure and efficient payment processing, while SMS communication is made possible through the combined capabilities of Podium, ZipWhip, Twilio, Bandwidth, and MessageMedia.

With PBS, the future of cab fare payment is transformed into a fast, secure, and user-friendly process, benefiting both passengers and cab companies alike. The advanced technologies and robust architecture of PBS pave the way for further enhancements and integrations, making it a leading solution in the transportation industry.

Key Features

  • Effortless Payment

    PBS enables users to view comprehensive ride details, including fare, driver information, vehicle specifics, and destination, all on a single payment page.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    To ensure a frictionless transaction process, PBS supports various secure payment methods, such as credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Wallet.

  • Admin Panel

    Cab companies can effortlessly track all vehicle trips, monitor and manage payment statuses, and handle any issues related to failed payments. The admin panel also offers the flexibility to activate or deactivate integrations with third-party services.

  • ICabbi Integration

    The seamless integration with ICabbi, a leading dispatch app for cab companies, optimizes the entire ride booking and payment process. This integration streamlines the workflow, ensuring accurate ride assignments, and timely payments, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of cab services.

  • Gratuity and Reviews

    Users have the option to leave a gratuity for their driver and share their valuable feedback, enhancing the overall ride experience.

  • Java Spring Boot
  • Hibernate
  • Angular 9
  • MySQL